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April 28, 2009



Oh my! I knew that you would use them and make them into functional pieces of art! I love the cuts of each pouch:)

You are the angel. You inspire daily and I am so glad that we are a part of this indie handmade community together:)

Thanks for making my sewing room a bit more organized too ;)


Most of the materials I use are repurposed packaging and I love that I have easy access to them and my friends and family save all their bags and boxes for me! My mom brings me old clothes and I use my daughter's outgrown clothes.

But every once in a while I go to my shop and someone has pushed a lost glove or a bag of buttons through the mail slot. I met a woman at the farmers market once who brought me a lot of ribbon. And I always appreciate how thoughtful people are! Their gifts make my work so much more. Your box of goodness was so so special! Thank you Rikkianne!

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